Yes Peas Snack Plates

Creative, interactive, and healthy snack ideas for kids.

Let's level-up your snack game to compete with the shiny wrappers of the food industry!

Creative and easy ideas kids will love!

Tired of trying to think up of creative snack ideas that are healthy, tasty, and fun? I've got you -- each snack recipe comes with suggestions for variations and shows you eye-catching ways to present them!

Psssst... a lot of these ideas also work for lunch and breakfast too.

Helping you introduce a wide variety of foods

It is SO important to provide variety and multiple exposures of healthy foods for our kids. See how to present foods like pumpkin seeds, bell peppers, and beans in a fun and tasty way. You will find 50 pages of ideas from classic snacks with some pizzazz to "snacktivites" and some adventurous eats!

Bonus QR codes featuring tips, tricks, and nutrition information

Look for the QR codes and links to watch helpful videos. From learning how to find whole grain products, to watching my kids make and eat snacks to help your kids want to join in!

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